Growing Your Business

As a highly experienced Business Development and People Specialist, I help commercial teams to identify and develop new business and build stronger relationships, internally and externally, to ensure your organisational success and growth.

I don’t believe in scripts. You’ve got to be yourself and you’ve got to be able to live in the moment and use what’s happening at the time. What I do believe in is communicating using your customer’s language style, truthfully and skilfully, and developing a systematic approach to selling and relationship building.

If you think about it on a personal level, how you talk to your partner is not the same as how you talk to your friends – unless you are prepared for a different, possibly disastrous outcome! It’s no different in business. By using your customers preferred communication style, and realising you have a process to follow through; your business will grow and your numbers will reflect this!

Maximising Your Performance

Together, we’ll ensure you know how to create the right state so that you can effectively communicate with your customers and use your existing resources to maximum effect.

If it’s appropriate, we will identify and develop new, needed resources to ensure we have your process running efficiently, so you can grow your business to its fullest.

Growing Your Business is provided through our LB Business Development Contract Service, Individual New Business Coaching and Communication Training.

If you like the sound of what you hear and you can imagine us growing your business together, do get in touch. I’d love to talk.

Growing Your Business | Lizzie Butler Communications