NLP Personal Development

As a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I can help you to develop the resources you need so that you can lead your life in whatever ways you choose.

Through my own personal experience, I know exactly how it feels to be stuck in your own mind with a feeling of no-where to go. I will show you how to get through it, get over it and get on with your life, for the better!

I have trained professionally with the hugely influential Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP along with Kathleen La Valle and John La Valle, President of the NLP SocietyTM

Stronger, happier and empowered

Because of my skills and experience, I am able to understand your situation quickly and help you gain control so you can move forward, feeling stronger, happier and empowered.

I can help you to:

  Overcome bad memories and bad suggestions

  Get over grief

  Get over anxiety and fears

  Have more confidence and self esteem

  Make better decisions

  Get through tests and interviews

  Have more fun

I supply this service in person to clients across Derbyshire and the Midlands in the UK.

NLP Personal Development | Lizzie Butler Communications