The more skilled you are at communicating - both formally and informally - the better your results!

Business Presentations and You

Training in the art and science of delivering influential business presentations.

Presentations are an inevitable part of business life. They are done to …

Getting the Job of your Dreams

Training & Events

A one-day workshop in the strategies, skills and tactics that are essential …

Influencing yourself positively

Training in how to manage your brain to improve performance.

The need to ‘create the state before we operate’ is understood in …

Creating positive first impressions

Training in the science and skills of influencing positively and quickly.

Scientists tell us that we that tend to make judgements about others …

Language that sells

Training in the power of words and body language, and how to use both to achieve desired outcomes.

Words have enormous power. So do gestures, expressions and movements. This power …

Selling using the 6 Principles of Influence

Training in the application of the science of influence in the sales arena

Scientists tell us that influence is inevitable; we influence others in myriad …

Influencing Brilliantly through Telephone Conversations

Training in the attitudes, skills and science of influencing positively through telephone conversations.

We are spending more and more business time on our phones. Whether …

Using the Power of the Written Word

Training in the skills, techniques and science of writing to influence others positively and powerfully.

The Japanese phrase ‘Bunbu Itchi’ refers to ‘the power of the pen …

Creating Influential Conversations

Training in the attitudes, skills and science that underpin great face to-face communications.

Technology is changing the way we function and communicate in the workplace, …

Speed Reading and MindMapping

A practical one-day course in two inter-related life-changing skills.

A practical one-day course in two inter-related life-changing skills.

The Power of First Impressions

Training & Events

We make first impressions so often in so many contexts. Sometimes we …

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