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Jonathan Dolby, Marketing Director, Microlise

Lizzie was absolutely committed to the business and project from the outset, demonstrating passion and determination to make it a success, which she ultimately was successful in doing. I’m certainly happy to recommend Lizzie, especially for anyone looking to inject energy, drive and a proactive approach into a project or team.


Yvonne Yates, Event Manager, KC Jones Conference and Events

Lizzie showed me how to present and sequence an important internal conversation so that I could communicate from a position of strength and get the result we needed.


Andy Mather, Andy Mather Counselling

Lizzie’s communication workshops are really useful for those enterprises who understand the benefit of training their employees for better results. I fully recommend them!

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As a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a highly experienced Business Development Specialist, Lizzie has worked with Executive Directors, Business Owners, Sales Professionals, Commercial Managers, Lawyers, Event Managers, University Lecturers and Students, creating the most positive change and growth.

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Create the best of business relationships and share your story in the most powerful way to ensure development and growth.

Enhance your skills and develop your team!

Learn how to communicate with yourself and develop your skills and attitude so that you can perform to your fullest and achieve the most successful outcomes.

Learn proven communication skills!

Learn proven communication skills, strategies and attitude for individual and business growth.

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